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Tigershark (pc game)
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Brilliant action but average graphics

It is very addictive action shooter game which will really give you a fun and thrilling time. The plot here is that you will be fighting against the whole Russian army who wants to take over Japan. The country is quite vulnerable in the situation because they have faced many floods due to earthquake and most of the areas have been destroyed in such chaos. So you have to defend the country and prevent the takeover. The gadget that you have here is actually awesome because you will be flying an aircraft that is a hybrid and can also go underwater to take down the enemies. So the missions in the game which have been dispersed in 10 levels will involve both air fights and on water battles. The weapons that have been provided in the game are pretty large in numbers and you will need to unlock some of them as you progress in the game. The graphics are average but the shooting action has been designed quite well. The user interface in the game is also good because it is highly interactive and the controls work just fine. For more shooting action and fun, try Rocket Chase.