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Time and Magik Trilogy, The (pc game)
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  • The game begins
  • Old-school adventuring
  • A new land to explore
  • Another clock
  • A green and pleasant land
  • Soak up the atmosphere
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Image extracted from gameplay video.
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Magical and interesting

Time and Magic is a text adventure trilogy by Level 9 (similar to the Zork series), released together as a compilation by Mandarin Software. It revolves around an unnamed hero who is contacted by Father Time who sends the him on a quest to recover nine treasures in order to defeat the machinations of the evil Time Lords. The hero goes through 9 periods in time, and due to the Lords Of Time meddling, there are certain inconsistencies in time, such as cavemen living at the age of the dinosaurs. The hero has to remedy those anomalies. Although bundled together, the original has no connection to the other two games, Red Moon and Prince of Magic, that have independent plots. The games are mostly text based, with very beautiful art pictures shown at the top and text shown at the bottom. The games have very interesting spells and puzzles that will definitely attract fantasy lovers. Fans of the series will probably delighted to have all three games in one bundle and those who are new will like the game's nice vintage gameplay and very good graphics. Recommended!