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Time Gentlemen, Please! (pc game)
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I say old chap!

It might look rough as nails, with all the graphical flash of something from the dawn of time, but Time Gentlemen, Please! is perhaps one of the best little point-and-click adventures you'll ever play. It's the sequel to Ben There, Dan That! and is an unashamed homage to classic LucasArts games like Maniac Mansion. The story follows on from the first game, and finds our heroes trying to undo the damage they caused in that one and which involves traveling back in time. However, as is so often the way, their actions only create more problems than they solve, and players can expect to meet an alternate universe Hitler and an army of Nazi dinosuars, amongst other such oddities. The game itself is classic point-and-click stuff, built in Adventure Game Studio but it's the sheer wealth of detail and attention that has gone into this one that makes it worth seeking out. The story is told with wonderfully bonkers and off-the-wall humor done in a very British style and which will have most players laughing out loud at every turn. Pretty much everything you do results in some kind of witty description or dialogue and much entertainment can be had from just exploring. Fortunately though, the puzzles are well up to scratch too, with some very challenging but rarely frustrating ones on offer here which provide the right mix of logic and cunning. The graphics are pretty rough but it's all very deliberate and they do have a certain charm to them. Overall, even if you don't like the genre but enjoy humor in your games, this is well worth a look.