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Time Runners 2 (pc game)
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Unremarkable action adventure, mostly sidescroller

Time Runners 2 is the kind of action adventure that Another World was as master of, but this game here is, in its better moment fair and playable and most of the time it is a trudge to go through. The game could also be catalogued as Prince of Persia like, but it is, I have to give it this, a bit more diverse than that one game. However, unfortunately, TRs level design is very modular, very unchallenging. Yes, there will be pits to jump above and, also, quite a few other types of challenges. However, what the game doesn't do is offer you a substantial kind of experience. It's just bland. And it's twice sad, because the graphics are really well executed, as are the animations. Therefore, Time Runners 2 is the kind of graphically endowed thing that just doesn't take off, unfortunately. Truth be told, by the standards of Time Runners the first things are altogether much better here, but the standards of that one are quite low. Oh and I mentioned adventure as a genre type..., well don't expect anything other than automatic interactions with hotspots, here and there, so yeah, thin and the kind of activity that just drives you to uninstall it. Too bad.