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T.K.O. (pc game)
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Early days first person boxing game

T.K.O. is a primitive, first person built game, set around a boxing challenge. It's got a pretty cool build and mix, with the idea being that it is all about being the first one to administer the punches, like in Megabyte Punch . As you would expect, this is not a game where physics, or actual boxing knowledge makes a whole lot of difference; it's a puzzler like built game, mostly, with just the right kind of elements to keep it playing for a few minutes, until you realize what the gimmick is. Giving it a bit more depth is this simulation coating, which comes in the form of mini game, where you train your boxer by having him punch a bag; it's a cool addition, but in the end it only does so much to further the game. So, overall, T.K.O. is fun, but definitely not a long play type experience. It's just for nostalgics, mainly, as Punch Out used to be. But for a game this old it's an experiment that went beyond the call of duty to create a great experience. So, if simple first person slide style boxing is what you want, T.K.O will definitely deliver!