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Tomb Raider (2012) (pc game)
4.5 out of 5 (2 votes)
  • Welcome back Lara!
  • Survived to a shipwreck
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Lara's back and better than ever

Lara Croft is one of gaming's most enduring icons, a female action hero who has starred in some first class romps over the years, from the original Tomb Raider to this superb reboot (although let's try and forget about Angel of Darkness shall we?). This one strips things back to basics and gives us a new take on the Lara we know and love but which ends up as a masterclass in how to do action/adventure in the 21st Century. This one finds a young Lara at the start of her exploring days as she sets out to find the lost city of Yamatai but with the quest going horribly wrong as her ship is wrecked on an island in the middle of nowhere. The story thus becomes one of survival as Lara must learn what it takes to be a true adventurer but there's still plenty of time for weird cults and other elements that have become associated with the franchise. There is however less actual tomb raiding than you might expect, with a greater focus on action and combat as well as survival. Although the epic tombs of the earlier games are missing for the most part, this is still a fine game. There's a nice sense of the gritty about this one and it's fascinating to see Lara's evolution as she takes a step along the road to being the adventurer we know she will become. The combat and exploration are both well done, being exciting and compelling in equal measure. Things are aided by the excellent graphics which really bring the lost island to life and which make you feel as if you are really there. There are a few minor quibbles but for the most part, this is another great addition to the series.