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Tomb Raider III - Gold: The Lost Artifact (pc game)
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A new adventure era

Tomb Raider III Gold: The Lost Artifact, developed by Eidos and released in 2000, represented a turning point in the history of video games. This game brings in front of us the cute heroine concept that most of the action games lovers are familiar with. In the story, Lara Croft faces a lot of danger in search of a fifth artifact created from a piece of meteorite that appeared in Tomb Raider III. The action takes her from the Willard's castle, to the Channel Tunnel, the Catabombs in Paris and to the Poissy Zoo. This game didn't really captured me into playing it more than a day, but it's worth giving it a try, mostly because of the secrets you have to discover in each level, the speed of control (swimming, jumping, running, acrobatic skills of the character), and of course, because of the heroine's attractive body. The way she jumps from high hills into the abyss, and never get hurt, made me think she was invincible a little; you will forget about your missions, and you'll probably start to run and jump in other places rather than the ones you are supposed to go, just to see her high capacities. The graphics are better than the previous versions, and you will have to pay attention to the different things you have to pick-up. Also, the enemies you have to shoot are kind of smart, since they hide from your bullets, making your job a little bit difficult. Some angry animals will keep you busy in your exploration and you have to be cautious. As I said above, this game deserves your attention, since it is a classic, but I advise you not to have high expectations.