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TopWare RPG Collection (pc game)
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  • Image related to TopWare RPG Collection game sale. Credit: GamesRocket
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Although the games included in this pack might not be some of the best known titles to bless the RPG genre, there's no denying that this is a cracking value set which is particularly of interest to anyone who enjoys exploring the obscure. You've actually got six games to play through here, so here's a quick rundown. First up is Knightshift, which actually blends RPG elements with RTS in a fantasy setting but this is probably the worst offering and doesn't actually hold much interest. Things improve a little with Gooka, a third-person puzzle adventure that isn't really an RPG but which combines an interesting story with some enjoyable puzzles, although it does take a while to grow on you. Next up is perhaps the best-known game here, Jack Orlando, a solid Tex Murphy-style adventure that sports some bad dialogue but is otherwise entertaining enough. Another War is a genuine RPG, resembling Baldur's Gate in execution and scores a good few points for its WWII setting, while Odium is an intriguing mutant-themed romp that is quirkily entertaining. The final game, Septerra, is perhaps the best, with a very Japanese style of visuals and gameplay on offer and which is perhaps the most RPG-like game here. Individually, none of these games are classic and there are certainly better offerings out there. However, they do give a fascinating insight into the Polish gaming world and there's no denying there's good value to be found. There are of course a couple of duds but on the whole, this makes for a fascinating journey into a largely unseen world.