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Diablo's descendant

Torchlight is a derivative of other games that Runic Games has worked on. Some gamers said that Torchlight is the animated version of Diablo II. Players are initially charged with delving deep into the underground corridors of an Ember mine underneath the town called Torchlight. Ember is a mineral that is highly sought after by mages, adventurers and merchants because of its powerful magical properties, which are in turn used to create all kinds of wonderful effects on weapons, armor and trinkets. This fact leads you character to an investigation into the caves. At the beginning, you descend into mines and the game is pretty easy. You will have to kill tons of monsters and collect even more loot, being able to send your pet to town to sell loot. The game has different difficulty levels and those who played Diablo before, might want to play the Hard of Very Hard mode. The final difficulty level is the Hardcore mode. In Hardcore if you die, the only option available it the Exit to title option, that meaning your character is deceased. When you die in any other difficulty level than Hardcore, you will have three options: revive where you are, but you lose Fame and money, revive at the entrance of cave, but you lose money or revive in town with no penalty. There are three classes in the game: Vanquisher, Berserker and Alchemist and each class has three skill-paths to follow, depending on the player. Beside that, any class is able to learn some magic that allow him to identify items, summon skeletons, swords, fireballs, zombies and blizzard. There are some weapons that work better with some specific classes. For example, berserkers are strong when they use melee weapons like swords, axes, clubs or polearms. The vanquisher excels with guns, bows, riffles and crossbows. Staves and magic are alchemist's forte point. Also, the player might want to collect some unique armor sets which gives a variety of bonuses to the wearer, based on how many pieces from the set is he wearing. After completing the main story quests and dungeons to the level 35, the game still continues to even more dungeons to the level 100. The sound suits to the background of game, having several nature effects like water dropping, burning fire, narrator's voice when you are doing some actions and many other great sound effects. Fitting into it's graphical style, the game manages to be colorful and looks great in it's own way.