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Total War Master Collection (pc game)
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There is only war

The Total War series has provided historical strategy fans with countless hours of intense and complex entertainment over the years and if you're one of those few who haven't tried out the franchise, then this is a truly epic way to give it a whirl. It might be a bit much for some as there is simply so much content but for those who like to go the whole hog, this is the pack to do it with. You've got a selection of games from the main series and its spinoffs, including titles like Empire: Total War, Rome: Total War and Total War: Shogun 2, plus a whole heap of downloadable content and expansion packs which add in everything from new units to campaigns and much much more. The core gameplay across the titles is broadly similar, being a mix of real-time strategy for combat and turn-based decision-making section across the campaign map but the games are all suitably different so that it doesn't all get to be too similar. There's no denying the quality of the content on offer here and almost everything included is of a universally high standard. The main titles are all rich in detail, with heaps of opportunities for the armchair general to shine while they all sport superb visuals and audio and are pretty accessible for the most part. The expansion packs all bring something new to the table, whether it's an interesting new unit or a different map to test your skills on and if you do pick this up and fall in love with it, you're likely to be playing for years as there's simply so much to work through.