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Toxic the Groundhog (pc game)
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Boulderdash like sidescroller; get all the barrels!

In Boulderdash you get a whole lot of toxic barrels, full of toxic chemicals, which need to be discarded. Thus, your hero, Toxic, will have to rush through the levels and evacuate all the barrels. It's a rather fast game, sort of like Sonic but much less polished graphically; it looks like some of the more budget oriented NES sidescroller games, so it's not much of a game where you can go in and just have a ball, you know, just go for it. But, that won't matter, because Boulderdash offers you a great deal of levels, and the fact that you win points will keep you interested; plus, with each new level, the puzzle element of the game will become much more evident; this part of the game is given by the fact that each new level has a new kind of strategy inherent to it; thus, you are never too far away from finding your way within, and, also, getting the right sequence. A good alternative, if you've already played Sonic can be Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon which is rather more children oriented, but just as fun also. So, all in all, Toxic is worthy, just make sure you are ok with lesser graphics settings.