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Taking its cues from classic transport-based business simulations like Transport Tycoon and A-Train, Train Fever is a solid but uninspiring entry into the genre which doesn't come close to toppling the giants. The game starts out in 1850 and charges you with creating a transport infrastructure and then watching cities and populations develop. You have to keep an eye on their needs, building systems to satisfy them but which turn in a tidy profit as well, and as you progress through the years, you'll get access to more sophisticated train related goodies as well. The whole thing is preocedurally generated and very open ended, and its main satisfaction comes from developing your cities and watching things grow organically in response to your actions. On paper at least, this sounds like it could be a good solid addition to the transport genre, but unfortunately in practice, this is far from the case. There's certainly nothing original here and if you have played any similar games, you will be very familiar with everything on offer. Newcomers however, will probably be put off by the lack of tutorial, and there is quite a lot to take on board but which isn't really explained in any adequate fashion, thus resulting in a lot of trial and error. Even for old hands, there are several elements which are a bit baffling and tricky to work out, and which again detract from the fun. The game does look nice, but its lack of documentation and less than intuitive interface make it a bit too specialized for its own good.