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Treasure Adventure Game (pc game)
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  • At the warmth of the fireplace
  • I knew I should have brought a flashlight!
  • Let's set up camp here
  • I just found this boat
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A modern retro classic!

Ignore the unimaginative title, for what you have here is a fine tribute to old-school puzzling that combines some lovely retro visuals with some terribly inventive head scratchers to create a first rate experience. The charming storyline tells how two friends went on an epic quest to locate twelve legendary treasures that had been collected by a hero to defeat a demon. After gathering all the treasures, they have now arrived at a temple which can only be opened by these treasures but which is said to hold something even more valuable. What this turns into is a wonderful exercise in platform adventuring that harks back to the finest games of yesteryear like Manic Miner, Dizzy and Castlevania. The game is made up of a massive, non-linear world, with new areas opening up as you explore and gain new items. You have access to a nice range of equipment to help you explore, including a hook to be used as a weapon and a cool boat with a cannon. In order to find the treasures, you first have to locate maps, with other items also available, some of them through shops, while the game also features a day/night cycle. This really is a delight from start to finish. The plot is utterly absorbing and told in inventive fashion, without the use of extensive cutscenes but with plenty of imagination. The visuals are cool if you're into pixel art but it's the gameplay which is the real star here. The platforming and exploration are never less than entertaining and exciting, while the puzzles are clever and satisfying to solve. A true modern classic!