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TRI: Of Friendship and Madness (pc game)
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Serene and absorbing

TRI is a stunning and highly challenging bit of first person puzzling that almost reminds one of classics like Castle Master and Oblivion, but with a more modern flash. It's set in a fascinating world that is filled with mind bending puzzles and which provides hours of head scratching entertainment. The player must venture into the land of the Odd Gods and uncover the magical power of the TRI. You must explore a series of complex environments, hunting for mystical totems and mastering a wide range of abilities in order to succeed. The game is played out in first person perspective and revolves around the creation of triangles and which are then used to solve the many puzzles which bar your progress. In each level, there is a teleporter which requires three keys to open and which need to be discovered before you can move on. The Tri is an artifact which creates the triangles and which you can use to create platforms, walk on walls or ceilings and to bend light. The whole thing is quite calm and peaceful so if you're looking for action, then look elsewhere. However, if you want to stretch your mind, then this is a great option. It's all very logical, with its reliance on real-world physics and such and the first time you play through, you'll be pondering the solutions quite regularly. As with any puzzler, once you know the solutions the appeal is lost somewhat, but until you do, this is going to be absorbing stuff which requires a lot of careful thinking. Throw in some lovely design work and you have a first class adventure for the mind.