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Trine 2 (pc game)
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Let me tell you a story...

Following on from the original Trine comes this delightful and visually stunning platform/action game that is perfect for fans of Metroid and Castlevania. It's got an engaging storyline, heaps of action and of course those absolutely lush graphics that just leap off the screen at you, and it rarely puts a step wrong. The game takes place in a well realized fantasy world and finds the player in control of three bold heroes as they set off on an adventure filled with danger, magic and excitement. In gameplay terms, you have a side scrolling platform/actioner with some added puzzles, where you must use each of the three character's unique skills in order to progress. The puzzles are particularly well done for the most part, as there are multiple solutions to them and which require clever use of the three characters, but the game also delivers on the action front, with plenty of cool combos and some nasty enemies to face off against. Trine 2 really is an absolute delight of a game. The narrative, while simple enough, is well told and engaging and should keep you hooked to the end. The gameplay is likewise straightforward enough but filled with inventive puzzles and heaps of action, and which is best experienced in the superb co-op mode. The visuals are genuinely gorgeous, with some striking and original environment and character work that is absolutely dazzling. The controls are tight and responsive and the difficulty level is pitched just right, and overall, this makes for a perfect bit of entertainment.