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Trine (trine: ushinawareshi kodai no hihou) (pc game)
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Trine review

Trine is a puzzle type game, launched in 2009 for various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS and even Playstation platforms. Trine was developed by Frozenbyte, who also developed Shadowgrounds series. The player can play with 3 different classes that can switch between them: thief, knight and wizard, but there is also a cooperative mode, where two or three players can control different classes at the same time to complete faster and easier the levels and for extra-fun. The game works on the principle of red bottles for life and blue bottles for energy. Those bottles can be found in every level or killing monsters. The characters have a common experience bar and every character will gain 1 skill point every 50 experience points. With those points, the characters can learn different skills. The experience can be obtained from green bottles found in chests among the levels or from killing monsters. A very helpful thing is the presence of the checkpoints. When the player reaches a checkpoint, the dead characters will revive and those who are alive with a small amount of health, the health will replenish. If all three characters die, the game will restart from the last checkpoint, where all three characters are resurrected. The checkpoints can be found as grey orbs. The enemies are from a fantasy world: skeletons with various powers and skills, spiders, bats and the boss monsters, of course. Beside monsters, there are other dangers like spikes, pits, lava balls. The characters have different skills and weapons. The thief uses a bow and a hook. Those two weapons are unlimited, but later in the game, the thief will be able to learn helpful skills, like shooting more arrows, shooting flaming arrows that can light torches and many others. The wizard uses magic. He can move objects and even create boxes, planks or floating pyramids later in game. The warrior uses sword and shield. He can get a sledgehammer and flaming sword later in game. The warrior can also deflect attacks with his shield and lift some objects. The sound suits to this type of game. The music is relaxing and it's only instrumental, so you can focus easily on the challenging puzzles. The graphics of this game are stunning and the animations are very smooth. Maybe it's the most beautiful artistically game in 2009.