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Match and build

If you like your match-three games or just enjoy classic puzzlers like Tetris and Klax, then there will be much for you to enjoy here in Triple Town. The theme for this particular game is a rather lovely and peaceful fantasy-style town and which helps to make the potentially overly familiar gameplay a tad more interesting than is so often the case. Here, the idea is to make the best use of your resources by building and upgrading houses before you run out of space. Objects are handed out at random, and by positioning them cleverly, you can rack up the points. Placing three bits of grass for example, turns them into a bush, while three bushes turn into a tree and so on. Your goal is hampered by the appearance of ninja bears which prevent the placement of items, but they can be fenced in and prevented from moving around. There are various unusual tiles with different benefits, such as robots to destroy unwanted areas and crystals which combine to form new tiles, while there is also a shop where you can purchase items and features. There's a certain degree of customisation too, with players having the option to build up their own towns where you can just play around and create your ideal design, giving the game a nicely open-ended feel. As far as cutesy puzzlers go, this one just about hits the spot. It's got all the charming visuals you could hope for, with a bright, vibrant style that is very eye-catching, while there are also a few interesting mechanics to help it stand out from the crowd. Definitely worth a look if this kind of thing is your scene.