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The plane, boss, the plane!

There's no denying the massive appeal of the enduring Tropico series and if you want some SimCity-style city building set in a lush island paradise, then this is definitely the place to be. This one retain the high standards laid down by Tropico 2 and manages to be better than Tropico 4, making it a good entry into the series for newcomers as well as being a fine choice for series fans. In some ways, this can be seen as a remake of the original, returning the franchise to its roots, taking place as it does between 1950 and 2000. The goal remains the same, namely to guide your island home to prosperity and success in your role as president. You're responsible for just about every aspect of island life, from building houses for your people, to maintaining roads and establishing diplomatic relations with other nations. There are new resources to make use of in this version, as well as other tweaks like improved AI, new missions and so on while the whole thing is laced with the series' trademark humor, which makes it a pleasant change from more serious city building games. Tropico 3 really is a delight if you're into this kind of thing. Although there's a lightness of touch to the mood of the game, don't let this trick you into thinking there's a lack of depth as there really isn't. The game is rich and complex, with heaps of options but it's also very accessible, with logical, easy to use mechanics and a clear interface. It also looks lovely, with slick graphics that really suck you into the island lifestyle and this is just the icing on an already fine cake.