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Tropico 4 - Complete Pack (pc game)
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The plane, boss, the plane!

The Tropico series of island strategy sims is a long running and largely enjoyable one which has captured gamers' hearts for some years now. If you are a fan of Tropico 4 then this DLC add-on pack makes for a good addition to your collection, but you do need the base game to use it so if you're not a follower, then this isn't for you. If you are interested however, there is a stackload of extra content on offer and which is probably a better bet than buying the more recent Tropico 5. You have all the released DLC here, with lots of little packs that add up to a lot. There are several new missions, campaign elements, buildings, outfits, character creation options and so on, all of which add up to probably about another twenty-five to thirty hours of gameplay, which isn't bad value if you're into the game. In gameplay terms, you're obviously looking at more of the same as the base game, with the same intuitive interface, colorful graphics and absorbing gameplay that you're used to. As far as DLC packs go, this is a pretty solid collection. There's no denying there's a lot of content included here and the new missions are certainly challenging and enjoyable to play, while the new buildings also bring in some new tactical elements and variety. The visuals are nicely detailed, with bright use of color and some imaginative new locations to explore, while the sound matches well, with appropriate effects and music. Not one for casual players, but for fans of the base game, this is a good investment.