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Tropico 5: Complete Collection (pc game)
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Paradise in the sun

Tropico 5 might not offer a great deal that's new over its previous instalments, like Tropico 4, but as far as good-humored SimCity-style experiences go, it remains a fine choice. This Complete Collection is probably the best way to get into the game as it combines the base game with a whole host of DLC which adds a lot of nice extra features. The core concept remains similar to earlier entries and sees you in charge of a paradise island in the Caribbean. You start out as governor in the 19th Century and must guide your nation through the tumultuous years that follow, including seizing independence and surviving the aftermath of two world wars. Similar to other titles like Colonization, you're in charge of just about every aspect of your island's well-being, from building houses to developing infrastructure and establishing good relations with neighbours and super powers. You can research new technologies to speed your road to success while one new feature to this edition is that of family members who can now be utilized in various roles. The DLC includes a heap of extras, from new buildings to technology, maps and more, most of which is well worth having if you're into this hardcore. Although the lack of revolution in the series is a little disappointing, there's no denying that for a sandbox strategy titles, Tropico 5 remains a first-class experience. The franchise has got everything finely honed now, so the interface, mechanics, visuals and audio are just about as good as they're likely to get, so if you're looking for a world building game, this is a great one to pick up.