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Trust & Betrayal - The Legacy of Siboot (pc game)
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War from a very personal perspective

While a wargame at heart, Trust & Betrayal - The Legacy of Siboot contains certain interactions and options that are all about the manner in which different personalities go about and clash in war, how interpersonal relationships can affect diplomacy, decision making and, ultimately, the outcome of a war. Also, what Trust & Betrayal - The Legacy of Siboot does, is try to emulate a human face, which is both something you do, the player, as well as the AI. By reading this digital face you can get an inside into whether or not the computer will fulfill his promise, or if some allegiance is but a ruse to get advantage of you. As you'd imagine, the game is not too detailed in this interpersonal portion, and so it might just seem as a gimmick; but it sure is a great addition, and one that feels pretty cool, after you get used to it. Else, the game is pretty mediocre, and were it not for this mental combat, I'd say this was a game that didn't really deserve a look into. Also, a good download from the same developer is Balance of Power, certainly not as original as this one, but a lot more playable and classic in build.