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TV Sports: Baseball (pc game)
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  • Title screen
  • Choosing teams
  • Team lineups
  • Meet the commentator
  • On the pitch
  • Lovely day for a game
  • Outfield
  • Batter up!
  • Nice hit
  • Grab the ball
  • Don't just stand there, do something.
  • Fancy a hotdog?
  • Amiga version
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Not an outstanding Baseball game, nor a total failure

I don't know, my thinking is, those that have appreciated the TV Sports series will mostly find this game a lesser contender in there as well... It's not really a bad game, it's just that it seems to have been rushed or produced under a tighter budget than the other ones. While a game intro doesn't really matter that much, it can, however, be taken as a sign of weakness, or as a sign of a problem when it is missing, which, in this game it does! And, as I suspected, the problems only start there. The game's phases are pretty troubled, as the minigames they're realized through aren't too cohesive or responsive. Or, when your game relies on nanosecond precision (alright not quite nanosecond, but a few tens of milliseconds delay can pretty much destroy the feel and the precision of your game) and it lack, well, it's no longer a game, it's more of a luck kind of thing. Also, style wise this looks pretty badly. I mean there are late 80s games out there that I'd say look better. Sorry TV Sports Baseball, you're out! I'd much rather play the older but much more playable Baseball (Keypunch, 1987).