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UFO: The Card Game (pc game)
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A Mattel card game recreation

This is a card game sim, one that follows closely a title released by the infamous Mattel corporation in the 90s. That game was called UNO and, as far as card games are involved, it was quite a card MMO, if you'll allow me this! I say this because it allowed up to 10 players to go about it and do combat, in teams and even individually, with slight bending of the rules. At any rate, it's a combat game where each player (in the digital version you can play against the PC combatants, as the AI will simulate them, or you can play against human players too) takes turn to attack, but winning is a question of paying attention to the game as it is about long term strategy. It's a cat and mouse game in card form, pretty exhilarating, and, to be quite fair, it is much more fun with friends then against the PC. It just doesn't really connect with you when delivered via PC, because part of the fun was trying to fault your friends and that is lost in translation in the digitized version. But, for sure, playing it on a PC is great for learning the rules.