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Ultimate Quake (pc game)
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Shooter heaven

The Quake series is one of the legends of gaming, standing alongside other shooters like Doom, Wolfenstein and Unreal as true classics. If you've never played any of the titles in the extensive franchise, then this little pack is a good one to pick up as it actually includes the original Quake, plus Quake 2 and Quake 3: Arena. The first game stands up well today, and is a fine sci-fi shooter which is very much in the vein of its forebears like Doom II, where you wade through countless enemies in a bid to stop the vicious Quake from taking over the galaxy. The second game is a sequel in name only really, but follows the formula quite closely, with a more involved storyline and heaps of over the top guns to blast away with, while you run around trying to complete mission based objectives. It's nothing staggeringly original now but remains a fun romp that really exercises your trigger finger. The final game is Arena, which is a solely multi-player experience, with no story driven single player elements at all. As such, it includes some classic deathmatch maps and an impressive arsenal of awesome weapons. As a pack, this is a good value set of some great old-school shooters which have aged pretty well. The graphics have that cool mid- to late nineties look about them, with plenty of character to the level and monster designs, while the weapons are rarely less than a blast to use. None of the games are overly complex but they are put together well skill and aplomb so do yourself a favor and check this out.