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Undercover Cops (pc game)
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Beat 'em up heaven

Undercover Cops is Irem's take on the classic side-scrolling beat 'em up formula, as seen in Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, and Renegade. It's certainly not an original game but for fans of the genre, it makes for a satisfyingly bone-crunching time, with some slick visuals, crisp sound effects and solid action. The story takes place in 2043, where a mad scientist has taken over the city and where the only hope for salvation is three bold heroes, these being an ex-football player, a former beauty queen and a retired philosophy teacher. Fortunately, they're all pretty handy in the fighting department and each has an array of powerful moves. You're going to need everything they can provide, as each of the game's five scrolling levels are packed with the scientist's henchmen, including some pretty hefty bosses. You also have access to the usual array of weapons, including knives, rocks, cars and even fish, while the levels and enemies you will encounter are all pretty outlandish stuff. It's perhaps this sense of the over-the-top that makes Undercover Cops worth playing. There's really nothing original in terms of the gameplay, as it's simply a case of making your way through the levels bashing everyone who gets in your way. However, it's all quite fun stuff for when you're in the mood for some mindless entertainment and finding out what crazy level, bad guy or boss you're going up against next adds much to the appeal. The visuals are retro cool, with lovely chunky sprites and detailed environments, while the action never lets up, making this a fine choice for genre fans.