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Thrilling old/new-school adventure

For a cool modern twist on classic action/platformers like Metroid and Castlevania, Unepic is definitely worth spending some time with. It wears its inspiration on its sleeves, with elements of Warcraft and Diablo also detectable, but manages to be more than just a mere copy and is instead a solid piece of old-/new-school adventuring. The story finds young hero Daniel being transported into a dark and forbidding castle that is just packed with vicious monsters and unusual characters and it's his job to venture forth, exploring and chopping as he goes. In terms of gameplay, this is fairly familiar stuff, with a large multi-directional scrolling world to explore, lots of beasts to slay, NPCs to interact with and so on. There are RPG elements too, with sidequests to pick up from the NPCs, as well as leveling up, crafting, shops to visit and of course plenty of weapons to discover and upgrade. While most of what's on offer here is certainly less than original, it's all executed well enough for this to be overlooked. If you are into your classic Metroidvania experience, then you can't really go wrong with this as it's got everything you need. The action and exploration are both generally exciting and intriguing, while the visuals have a nicely grim and gritty look to them but with a bit of chirpiness thrown in so it's not unrelentingly downbeat. The addition of humor is a big plus point too, with some nicely witty pop culture references to discover in things like the item descriptions, so overall, this is a fine adventure that is well worth checking out.