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Play the bad guy

This is a bizarre and mildly charming take on the tower defense genre which provides some distinctly bonkers Japanese shenanigans and which is worth a look for genre fans. This one tells how the Devil has converted a bunch of tenement buildings into homes for monsters. It's your job to attract suitable monsters by making the apartments attractive to them, which is achieved by filling them up with appropriate items such as air con, heaters etc. You have to earn money by collecting rent but they need to be kept happy, so you have to keep upgrading their pads in a fashion to their liking. However, the neighbors aren't completely happy having monsters around, so they will sometimes launch attacks on the monster's apartment, which is where you engage in tower defense-style combat. The monsters come out to take on the good guys and you have to choose how to line them up in order to take advantage of their various skills. There are also sidequest to take on, while in between combat, the monsters go through their lives, working and having children, and which adds to the depth and the fun. Unholy Heights really is quite an unusual little game but its originality really works for it. In terms of visuals, the game isn't anything special, with little in the way of eye candy but all the monster designs are quite charming. The gameplay itself is pretty simple, but can get quite enthralling once you get into it, although if you are looking for depth, then go elsewhere. This isn't a game to keep you hooked for weeks, but for a neat little time waster, it's worth picking up.