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Unmechanical (pc game)
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  • Um...those gears don't look too stable
  • What's going on here?
  • Another red comet has fallen
  • Solving some light puzzles
  • Impressive lighting
  • What should I do with these?
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Creative and satisying

If you've played the likes of Schein and Ethan: Meteor Hunter and are after for more clever puzzling action, then this is the treat you've been looking for. It combines lush visuals with a charming story and inventive puzzling to great effect and should definitely be on the top of any genre fan's shopping list. For reasons unknown, you find yourself being whisked off to an alternate world filled with bizarre bio-organic constructions and must explore its mysterious depths in order to find your way home. Fortunately, you have a powerful tractor beam which will prove invaluable in solving the numerous puzzles which bar your progress. Gameplay wise this is a mix of puzzling and exploration, and you're encouraged to find your way through the world while uncovering all its secrets. The environmental puzzles which stand between you and freedom and clever, inventive and highly satisfying to solve, making this a joy from start to finish. There's none of the usual hand holding here and instead the player picks things up intuitively and through experimentation, which again adds to the appeal. The world here is fascinating to explore and there's a genuine sense of adventure as you venture boldly forth. The visuals are lovely, with some cracking environmental design, while the controls and physics are pitch perfect. If criticisms are to be made, the story could be stronger but this is a minor consideration and instead the game should be celebrated for making the player actually feeling smarter when they complete the game. A true indie success!