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Unravel (pc game)
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Twine can be fun

Fans of physics-based puzzlers would be well advised to come and take a look at Unravel as it's a first-class romp that is both original and enthralling, with much to keep you entertained. It does have a rather hackneyed and superfluous story but it gets by on its charm and sheer inventiveness, making it one to treasure. The game follows the adventures of Yarny, a cute little creature made entirely of yarn, as he goes on an epic journey of discovery that takes him through the memories of the many people who have lived in his house. The game basically takes you through a series of environment which seem very intimidating due to your small size and which will require clever use of physics and your abilities to navigate successfully. The main original mechanic here is the way that twine from Twiny becomes unravelled as you go but which can be used in many inventive ways to help you progress. Think of it as a cuter and more varied version of the bionic arm from Bionic Commando. Unravel isn't quite a perfect puzzle game but it comes pretty close. It scores a huge amount of points for its sheer personality and it oozes charm from every pore. The visuals are simply gorgeous, with beautiful colors to enjoy and a wonderful depth to its many and varied environments. The gameplay is simple to pick up but deep in its puzzles, which possess a joyful playfulness which means you never stop having fun. The story is a bit twee and the music is a bit of a downer but apart from this, this is a cracking adventure.