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All story, no combat

Although this is a far cry from the likes of classic fantasy RPGs like Baldur's Gate, it actually provides some decent choice-based storytelling that's set in a well realized world. It is a trifle on the short side, clocking in at only a few hours in length, but while it lasts, it's a compelling little game. The setting here is a fantasy version of ancient India, where you take control of five varied characters as they each struggle to get through life in a famine-stricken city. There's not much in the way of combat here (and what is present is avoidable), and instead the game's story unfolds via many branching dialogues, as you follow the intertwining stories of characters as varied as a young peasant girl, a priest, a mercenary and a slum dweller. What's perhaps most interesting here is that there is no way to fail the game, and instead your actions have consequences which continue as the game unfolds. Even if a character dies, this is incorporated into the narrative, while the dialogues have many options for exploration and which gives the game a real sense of freedom. Overall, this is an interesting and bold attempt at adding to a crowded genre. The visuals are striking but won't appeal to everyone, being a little twee in their environmental and character design, but while maintaining a sense of character. The writing and story are the game's main selling points and in this respect the game is successful, with some well written characters and a genuinely interesting narrative. The sense of open-endedness is well done so if you are looking for something that favors story over combat, you should enjoy this. It is short though, and even with the ability to go back and try things differently, it isn't one that will keep you playing for weeks.