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Uru Complete Chronicles (pc game)
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  • Just soaking my feet in the pool
  • Game box art
  • Good thing this place is illuminated
  • I see you rounded up the men
  • Giant mushrooms
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A great and inspiring adventure

Uru Complete Chronicles, released in 2004 and developed by Cyan, is a perfect game for puzzle solving amateurs, and is also the expansion pack of Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. Cyan Worlds is dedicated to create games that involve a lot of exploration and spectacular journeys. I liked this game especially because of the freedom in every aspect. The world presented is suprarealistic and full of misteries, and this is the main attraction of the game. Let's not forget about the marvelous panoramas, with a large perspective, that seem to have no boundaries. In your way of solving the missions, your attention and intelligence will be put through many tests. And I really enjoyed it, since I am a fan of these kind of challenges. Every location receives the main character with a bizzare atmosphere, and you will feel everywhere like an attended guest. The audio makes it even captivating for music lovers with good tastes. The ancient storyline presents the world of D'ni, a lost civilization, where your experience will be intense and unique. Also, you will be able to choose from a variety of clothing and other attributes concerning your phisical aspect. In the gameplay there is quite a lot of talking, walking and reading, but this is an insignificant detail if you like puzzles that actually make sense, this game is worth trying. In view of these facts, you will not be disappointed by this inspiring adventure!