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V for Victory: Gold-Juno-Sword (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Germany vs. the Commonwealth; nice wargame

V for Victory: Gold-Juno-Sword is a well produced, well balanced wargame, tile based and taking place during the battle of Germany vs. The Commonwealth. It's got the classic wargaming build, with a cool production value and rather simple, but elegant production value. It's really well done, controls nicely, and, for the most part, it never really shines with any particular element. However, it does the job great and it is entertaining, well beyond what you'd expect from a title such as this one, which is clearly budget oriented. The game allows you to be the German commander of a large swath of forces, taking over the divisions of the Commonwealth. It can be won by forcing them to withdraw, not always tackling the game looking to kill. But, since the map is pretty large, it takes a while to get the game to a win state. But it's not for nothing, since V for Victory: Gold-Juno-Sword does a great retelling of an important historical event, and it does so very well. A good alternative is also D-Day: America Invades, as you can imagine a wargame dedicated to the D-Day battles.