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V-Rally: Multiplayer Championship Edition (pc game)
4.5 out of 5 (16 votes)
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Fun rally sim, great for slower machines

V-Rally is a great game, nice physics, nice 3D graphics, low system requirements (for today's PC's at least) lots of cars and tracks and easy to maneuver cars, which combine arcade style behavior with enough simulation to make the game really playable. This version, V-Rally: Multiplayer Championship Edition was released both on the PSX as well as the PC and it features a few more tracks then the original and also the title promised multiplayer module. Now, if you were to want to play it on the PSX you'd be in luck as you can race against a friend who will just take half of your screen, but if you want to play on the PC, well, then it can become a bit tricky. The game needs a LAN connection of the late 90s style, and that means you'll need to fiddle with your DosBox for a big chunk of time to simulate that. Anyway V-Rally: Multiplayer Championship Edition can be played against the AI as well, and it is as fun as the non multiplayer version. Want to go for a dirt track spin? You might also enjoy the Colin McRae Rally of the era (no1) or later releases in that same series.