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Valhalla Hills: Two-Horned Helmet Edition (pc game)
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We march for Asgard!

Valhalla Hills is a solid but somewhat uninspiring addition to the real-time strategy genre that is best typified by the Settlers series. This edition packs some extra weight in, with DLC, a soundtrack and some other goodies, but they're probably not really worth the added cash, given that the base game isn't a stunner to begin with. As the name suggests, this one takes Viking mythology as its inspiration and as a lone fellow with intentions of getting into Asgard, it's your job to take command and look after your people, so that one day you might take your place with the gods. As is usual with such games, you're in charge of pretty much everything, from gathering resources like wood and food, to building homes and other important things for your population, trading and all sorts of other activities. There are plenty of customization options as well as challenge levels which take place on randomly generated maps, while there are several different environment types which also add further challenge. Valhalla Hills is certainly nothing we haven't seen before, and this lack of originality does hurt the game somewhat as it just feels too familiar. It's certainly attractive enough, with some nice visual design, as well as a good sense of humor, but there are more significant problems with things like the interface, which makes things more frustrating than they should be. The camera controls in particular are clunky, while fonts can be difficult to read and which impacts significantly on your enjoyment. Overall, not a terrible game, but not a must play either.