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Stairway to heaven

Valhalla Hills doesn't offer much new to the strategy genre and suffers from a few technical issues, but it's still a fun little addition to the building sim genre, best typified by The Settlers and Cultures. This one sees you in the role of a Viking god, and it's your job to take good care of your people so that they can get through the hardships of life. As with most games of the genre, you'll have to look after everything, building up your small number of followers by taking care of their food requirements, gathering resources, building homes and other buildings for them to use, with the overall goal of getting them into the hallowed halls of Valhalla. There are randomly generated maps and challenges here, as well as a complex economic system, plenty of customization options and the whole thing is told with a pleasing sense of good humor. Valhalla Hills is certainly a peacefully enjoyable little game that serves as a pleasant alternative to the usual war and death found in RTS games like Command & Conquer and Dawn of War. It's a very relaxing game which isn't too stressful and which doesn't take itself too seriously, so if you consider yourself a casual gamer, then there's much to enjoy here. The visuals are nice too, with some lovely environments and charming character work to admire. However, it does suffer from a few camera issues, while there are some unusual UI design choices, and the visual style might be taken as a bit old-fashioned by some. However, get past these few niggles and there's a fun game here.