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Victor Vran (pc game)
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  • Vail the immortal
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Hack 'n' slash classic

While it might look like just another Diablo clone, Victor Vran is actually a superb action adventure which packs a whole lot of weapons, thrills and spills into one cool package. It's set in a wonderfully realized and dark fantasy world which is brimming with nasty monsters to slay, weapons to collect and interesting environments to explore. One of the most interesting things about the game is its sense of freedom, and you can customize pretty much everything about your character, from his appearance to his combination of abilities and weapons. All of the changes actually make a difference to your experience, so there is much enjoyment to be had from just experimenting with all the different combinations and seeing how they affect things. You can also team up with friends online to take on the story and explore the world together which is perhaps the best way to play the game, as it becomes a whole lot more rewarding, thanks to the requirements for team work and strategy. Victor Vran really is a cracking little adventure that is well worth checking out. It's got all the action and thrills that you could want, and the excitement never lets up from the start. The range of monsters, weapons, and environments is impressive, with plenty of strategy required to make use of all the combinations, and which will keep you entertained for hours. The world is well created, with some nicely atmospheric locations and some well designed monsters which are delightfully creepy and overall, this is great addition to any action collection.