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Build your empire

If you've played and enjoyed historical strategy games like Europa Universalis and are looking for more, then this should be just what you're after. It's very much in the same vein as the aforementioned series but provides enough differences to make it worthy of investigation. In this one, players are charged with guiding a nation through the empire-building days of the 19th Century with the goal of emerging as one of the true great powers of the 20th. The game is basically an in-depth political simulator, where you must carefully strategise and take into account everything from war to diplomacy, economy and colonization. There are plenty of options for how you play, with scenarios and campaigns to play through, while there's also the expected tech trees and other elements familiar from games such as Hearts of Iron. This complete edition also includes the Revolutions expansion, which extends the timeline to 1936 while also tweaking some of the in-game systems, although this is perhaps not that interesting a feature. This one is definitely a game for those who like to micro manage their way through games, and for many the detail on offer here might be offputting. However, if you're into that sort of thing, this one has all the depth and features that you're after, with complex systems that really force you to think about your every action. The interface is nice and intuitive, despite the range of options available, while the visuals are effective and pleasing. Overall, a pretty solid but heavy-going strategy experience.