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Vier op een rij (pc game)
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  • Another connect four game
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4 in a row digitization

Vier op een rij is a digitization of that childhood game of 4 in a row, where you have a grid and you can insert colored balls into it, from above, with the target being that of putting 4 balls in a row, either vertically (pretty hard to do!) or horizontally (hard to do as well!) or, to sneakily form a diagonal line with your balls. You control one color of the balls, the AI or second player controls the other color. You can put your balls wherever you want, trying to stop them from forming an uninterrupted 4 ball line, while also looking to get your line built as well. It's simple, fun, a little strategic, and quite a time waster of medium difficulty. It stimulates your short term memory and your math (mostly counting). Thus, it can be a relaxing game for those moments when you want to play a game that is a lite puzzler, that still has a bit of engaging and energizing nature. And it sure has all of this, without question. So, together with 3D Tic Tac Toe, it should definitely be in your collection. It won't disappoint, and it won't tire you either!