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Vikings: The Strategy of Ultimate Conquest (pc game)
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A good hybrid game

Vikings: The Strategy of Ultimate Conquest is a strategy-action hybrid videogame brought to us by GT Interactive. The game takes place in the 9th century and you are in control of a small empire of vikings. The main object of the game is to expand the empire and fight those who oppose you or stand in your way. This is a hybrid game, meaning that it combines strategic elements with sweet arcade style action. In the game, you explore the surrounding in which you start, conquer the peons you happen to stumble upon and assure that the viking empire is growing. While the idea a hybrid game sounds good, it's not too well executed, for there are some issues with the game, while other games, like Sacrifice, fared much better. Fortunately, these do not ruin the experience too much. The graphics of the game are quite good and the voice acting within the entire game is excellent. Overall, Vikings: The Strategy Ultimate Conquest is a good hybrid game and it deserves at least one playthrough.