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Virtua Fighter 2 (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
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Prepare the 3D ring for VF2

The very first Virtua Fighter game was an excellent 3D modern attempt in fighting genre, however it wasn't a very good 3D fighting game and it felt that more work needed to be put in the game. The second installment in the series was a huge improvement over the first game and of my all time favorite fighting games of all time. Virtua Fighter 2 offers a lot of improvements in terms of gameplay and graphics. The objective in the game is pretty much the same like in other fighting games: defeat your opponent. You have a total of 11 fighters to choose from where 9 are returning characters from the previous game and 2 new characters. The best innovation that I have in the game is the ability to change the size of the arena. You can adjust to be a small platform, which can be suitable for sumo-like fights where you need to knock your opponent out of the ring, all the way to a 82 meters long arena, which is very large for a fighting game. You can adjust the health meter all the way to infinite, which is good for using it for practices. The graphics are outstanding for its time and I love how you can move in the third dimension, however it is only good for dodging attacks. Any fighting game fan should have a copy of Virtua Fighter 2: it's fun and very beautiful. I do reccomend to download and play it.