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The Walking Dead: 400 Days (pc game)
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More zombies!

If you've got the original Walking Dead: Season 1 and are looking for a way to extend its lifespan a bit, then this add-on pack is a pretty decent way to do so, although it's far from essential. It requires the base game or at least one episode in order to run it, and is pretty similar in terms of gameplay, but provides some further insight into the world and characters and this makes a good choice if you're a sucker for the lore. There are several stories here, each focusing on a different character and seeing the nightmare through their eyes and which take place on various fays throughout the overall storyline. You can play the stories in any order and once they're all completed, a short epilogue is revealed, where all the consequences of your decisions come together. There's no surprises here in terms of gameplay, and it's the usual mix of interactive storytelling, where you follow the plot and make decisions based on the various situations you find yourself in. This is probably only really worth picking up if you're a complete die hard fan of the series and games, as there isn't a huge amount of content here and which doesn't really shed any meaningful light on the bigger picture. The individual stories are interesting enough, with some challenging decisions to make but there's a certain feeling of 'so what?' at the end of it all, and with only 2-4 hours of gameplay here, that feeling comes fairly quickly. The real problem is that several of the characters and their stories just aren't compelling enough so unless you need every piece of Walking Dead content, this is easily skipped.