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War Inc. Battlezone (pc game)
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Back in the day, this made for quite a fun addition to the online multiplayer shooter genre, but these days, you're better off with Counter Strike or other such offerings. This one doesn't seem to have been updated for years now and once the hackers took over, the fun really disappeared. There's nothing involving a storyline here and instead the game simply involves multiplayer deathmatches in a supposedly free-to-play environment. You can play in both third- or first-person perspectives, while there's the expected range of weapons and gear to load up with, including lots of customization for your guns. There are three main modes to play, the typical Conquest, Deathmatch and Sabotage type offerings, while in theory again, there are regular updates in the form of new maps, gear and social events. However, this doesn't appear to have been the case for some time now, so if you go in expecting a thriving community and heaps of new stuff to discover, then you're likely to be disappointed. It seems as if originally this was actually quite a fun shooter, especially considering it was free-to-play. However, the developers have now abandoned it and it's kind of strange it's still out there being promoted as no one is playing anymore. The visuals were good enough but once the hackers came in and things developed into a pay-to-win situation, all the entertainment went right out of the window. So now, looking at this in 2016, it's a pretty pointless investment of your time and effort to play this, so just don't bother.