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Wargasm (pc game)
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For war enthusiast gamers

Wargasm is a 1998 action real-time strategy game, that has a name dedicated for war enthusiast gamers. For some of you, the title may seem stupid, but I assure you that it will offer you great hours of playing! The cover may lead to a sexually typed perception, because of the woman and the funny name above her head, but I inform you that is nothing explicit about Wargasm. The RTS fans that are used to more complex missions and features, will consider this game decent, not being capable to fulfill their requirements and expectations. But, the challenges are quite appealing. The action is set in 2065, where countries are at war. The weak ones lose their precious infrastructure, and the system is dominated by corruption. Your main objective is to bring order and peace, while controlling your units in a precise manner. War Web is the primary mode of this game, and you must keep a right balance between preparing and managing fights, and getting directly into the action. This is important for a successful progress and result. You will find Wargasm easy to control, and before starting you will are given the possibility to choose your territory to attack. The graphics have nothing to get you tired or bored, and the overall feeling and impression about this game is positive! Play it!