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Warp Factor, The (pc game)
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  • Warp Factor, The pc game
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Battles in space and fight for galactic dominance!

In the very early 80s 4X space games were not yet the genre that we have come to know today, but, nonetheless, they sure had their own personality and could really blend elements of that particular genre. The Warp Factor is such a game; in it you will mostly be doing a lot of space fighting, from aboard a single space ship. However, there is a bit of trading in there too, a bit of exploration and other such elements. Sure enough, it's all delivered in minimalist graphics, but you'd be hard pressed not to find them satisfying and well delivered. And, so, with all things considered, the game is really sweet and really playable, and the Star Trek tie-in does just enough to entice you into sinking into the story. So, yeah, a space fighter, almost a strategy, almost a kind of 4X in the germ. But very playable, and the kind of game that will make you hungry for titles such as 4X Star Control or other more well rounded games. Not that The Warp Factor is not well delivered or unfinished, it's just that it only has so much to offer. But don't forget, for an 82 game, this offers more than you'd ever expect!