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Stunning shooter action

Although you might find it tricky to get opponents these days, if you are lucky enough to be able to do so, Warsow provides some of the finest competitive multi-player FPS action this side of Quake or Unreal. The game was intentionally designed as solely multi-player experience and so you won't find any pretensions at story or suchlike here. Instead, you'll bear witness to some surprisingly impressive maps, tight shooting and slick weapons with an overall experience which matches its better known comrades. The game gets off to a striking start with its fantastic visuals, which are a mix of cel shaded glory and dark, medieval textures which combine to make this is a standout game. Moving on to the action itself, things don't get any less impressive. The gameplay itself is focused on fast-paced movement based around tricks and with well balanced weaponry. You've got all the cool moves like bunny hopping, circle jump and double jump along with wall running, dodging and ramp slides and which really add a lot to the gameplay. There's a good mix of game modes to try out with the usual capture the flag and duel variants alongside race and instagib, while the weapons display plenty of imagination but without ever being overpowered. The maps too are extremely well designed, with lots of strategic opportunities to exploit and which are visually cracking too. Warsow really is quite the unsung hero of the competitive multi-player genre and if you're lucky enough to find players, you're in for an absolute treat.