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Wasteland 2 (pc game)
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Fine sequel to a true classic

The original Wasteland is the game from which the now legendary Fallout series originated and despite its popularity with 80s RPGers, it took more than 25 years for this sequel to appear. The first game remains a seminal piece of gaming but this one doesn't quite live up to its standards, although it is a fine piece of work. Like the original, this one is set in a desert-style apocalypse and features turn-based combat, exploration and in-depth RPG elements. You're given control of a squad of rangers and the story kicks off with you being tasked with finding out what happened to a veteran ranger who has gone missing. As is usual in RPGs, you get to explore a large open-world, picking up sidequests, upgrading items and weapons, meeting new characters, some of whom might join your party, and of course engaging in combat. This one gives the player a lot of freedom in how they approach puzzles, conversations and combat, while your decisions also impact in very visible ways on your surroundings and the world itself. Following up to a fondly remembered classic is always tough, but Wasteland 2 doesn't disgrace the original. It's not perfect and features annoyances such as incredible amounts of text to wade through, an uneven difficulty level and the often unclear requirement to possess certain skills. However, on the plus side, the story is absorbing and the world wonderfully rich and believable. The visuals are rich and the combat satisfying, so overall this makes for a solid slice of adventuring.