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Way of the Samurai 4 (pc game)
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Where will your journey take you?

As the name suggests, this is the fourth entry in a series which began with Way of the Samurai, and like earlier installments, this is another Oriental-themed action game that impresses with its sheer scope and ambition. The real draw for this series is the way your decisions have genuinely far-reaching effects and this one continues in that vein, so fans should be very pleased with it. The story and background are pretty complex, with the player thrust into a small port town in 19th Century Japan, when European influences are just starting to be felt. As a masterless samurai, you need to find your place in this chaotic society and this journey will take you deep into the heart of a three-way conflict that is threatening to split apart the land. What follows is an epic action adventure filled with combat, political intrigue and tough decision making, as you must decide which faction to follow, and which features a huge amount of weapons and character customization, giving it the feel of an RPG. Way of The Samurai really is a hugely impressive game, and even if you've never experienced the series, there's much to enjoy here. The world is well realized and detailed, with many interesting characters to meet and plot lines to discover. The effects of your decisions are real and echo across the storyline, which really makes you feel like you're playing an important role in the unfolding events, while the combat and exploration and satisfying and challenging. Throw in some impressive visuals, and you have a top notch game.