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Westphaser (pc game)
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A wild West with phaser guns!

This game was delivered in a bundle, for free, when you bought a certain type of PC light gun, like the one that was produced for the Nintendo Entertainment System console. Thus, it's a very budget oriented game, and it's theme is Wild West shooting! Thus, all you have to do is aim your gun (or, with some fiddling, your mouse!) at the screen and shoot the before getting shot. Therefore, Westphaser is a good time waster, with not a lot of original ideas. There are 6 players that can try their luck, from the same PC, one against the other, battling for points. You can also choose to play against, again, other 5 AI players, so it's your chose how you choose to play. The characters have a lot of different personalities, but all of them have names and looks inspired from the Wild West literature and movies; thus you can play against Billy the Kid and so on. The game has only 6 locations, but then again, given that the shooting stays the same, Westphaser doesn't really get influenced by the look of these locations. So, if you want mindless shooting, retro and playable, this will do. Else download Shoot It, a shooter of a more engaging nature and with better graphics.