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Westworld 2000 (pc game)
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I'm coming for you, cowboy

The movie from the 1970s by Michael Crichton, creator of Jurassic Park, might not be the most obvious choice for a video game made in the 1990s, and indeed if you actually play this, you'll probably agree that it should have been left as a film. The movie itself is a classic and its tale of a theme park gone awry should have made for a decent experience, but in the hands of the developers here, it's turned into a disaster on the scale of ET. The story here finds you in control of a samurai warrior, galactic spy or gunslinger, depending on which of the three available worlds you're playing, and then charges you with shutting down the malfunctioning theme park. Along the way, you'll face numerous out of control robots while making use of a variety of weapons, historical and futuristic, in order to help you out. There's a total of thirty five levels to battle through, each of which has its own unique missions to complete in order to progress to the next one. In theory, this could have been an exciting little shooter. The license lends itself well to the genre, while the variety of environments and weapons should have made for a fairly entertaining ride. However, in practice, it all proves to be horribly bad, with things going wrong almost right from the start. The cheesy intro is mildly amusing but it's downhill after that, with poorly designed levels, ropy visuals, an uninteresting mix of weapons and some dull, plodding gameplay which will have you reaching for the off switch pretty quickly. Avoid unless you like awful games.