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Where Time Stood Still (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Title screen
  • The game begins
  • Follow me!
  • Exploring the land
  • Which way now?
  • Inventory
  • Follow the leader
  • Be careful
  • Where did everyone go?
  • |Lovely view
  • Watch out for traps
  • Me too
  • Don't just stand there, do something
  • Two down
  • You're on your own
  • Inventory
  • Is that a giant sock?!
  • Courtesy of Abandonware Dos.
  • Image extracted from gameplay video.
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Top down isometric ZX Spectrum like action adventure

In Where Time Stood Still you play the role of a Rambo like pilot who just managed to escape a crashing plane, and now, he finds himself in a jungle from where he has to escape. But, if only the baddies that want you were only the occasional mosquito or some stray serpent! Nope, hordes of enemies want you and they will come at you, from the confines of trees and so on. Now, just because this sounds like some lush jungle adventure, doesn't mean that the graphics can actually deliver on that; nope, what you get is magenta and black heavy graphics, the kind that don't really mange to really stand out, not unless you love that ZX spectrum look. But gameplay wise, I must give it to this little one – it's pretty impressive! Controls are responsive and simple and they are also pretty well rounded. And, overall, the entire game feels dense and has lots of events, so you never really get bored. And if you like this one, make sure you download the top down Postal, a well done Alien/zombie Shooter like that will also do great as a timewaster!